Sunday, August 3, 2008

Green Office Tips

Some suggestions from Yusuf Salwati

As a manager in today’s work place, one of the first things I notice whenever I walk into a new office is how their resources are being used. Reducing costs while keeping quality is sometimes a delicate balance to maintain, but with little practice, you can maintain both.
Few tips you can use almost immediately:
1- Reduce the use of paper cups, ask each employee to bring her/his own drinking cup.
2- Most new printers come with a tool to help you lower ink consumption, check your printer’s manual.
3- If you work in an office with many computer systems, set the power saving mood on on those computers.
4- Encourage all your employees and clients to use e-mails instead of fax and letters, unless is absolutely necessary.
5- Where applicable, setup offices where there is enough sun light coming through the windows, so you don’t have to turn on the lights during day time.
6- Get into the habit of using ceiling fans or even small desk fans and reduce the use of air conditioning.
7- For taking notes, use your computer note pad program instead of paper note pad.

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diddi said...

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