Sunday, February 15, 2009

5 Things you can do today

1. Change your light bulbs to CFL's as your old bulbs burn out. Even better is to use a LED bulb if you can find one that fits.

2. Do a mini energy audit of your home. Find drafts by using feathers ( or something very light) around possible places like doors, windows or floors and ceilings. If there is more than a slight movement you more than likely have a draft that is costing you money. It is easier with water becuase you can usually hear it. Are you shading your windows exposed to the warm summer sun so it reflects the heat and are you insulating your windows in the winter so you don't let heat to escape? What appliances or products are running all the time? Is it necessary?

3. Do you excercise? Being 'green' also means being healthy and excercise is a very efficient way of increasing your chances of being healthy.

4. How do you eat? What are your portions? How 'green' is your food that you are buying? Can you buy some food at a farmers' market?

5. Many people are increasing their gas mileage by checking their tire pressure, changing the air filter and getting regular tune ups. Another great way to save money on gas is to make sure you drive 5 mph slower than you usually do. I find most people drive 5 mph faster than the speed limit because that is what the police have accepted as the default speed. If you just drive the speed limit you will get less tickets and save on gas.

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