Friday, September 18, 2009

Slow Food and the Bounty of the Western Reserve
I have added this blog site to my list of blogs I am following because Mary Holmes knows what she is talking about. I met Mary and her husband, Tom at the annual meeting of the Gates Mills Conservancy which strives to conserve as much of the land of Gates Mills as possible for future generations. The speaker Andrew Waterson drew me to the event but I ended up with much more than just a few great ideas and more info about what Cleveland is doing to get into the sustainability industry. I connected with another person and made a friend, something much more valuable than all the money in Gates Mills to me.
I am in Cleveland this week to continue shooting my cable TV program (that is on Time Warner Cable) called Sustainable Life. We did segments on grass-fed all natural beef, how sustainability is being taught at a local high school and why garlic can change your life.
I will be posting the links to our shows as soon as I get them.
Our last show link is here:
If you know someone that has a story to tell about personel involvement in sustainability please post a reply to me with their contact information.
If you like our show and think that everyone needs to know about how everyone can be sustainable, consider supporting the show financially.
I am committed to helping everyone understand what sustainability is, how they can put it into their lives and making information available to everyone that gives both sides of the story.

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